Ankor East

VIM is a bargain price point clothing and sneaker chain found throughout the five boroughs. Ankor East one of the proprietary brands of tshirts and jeans of the company, and as the lead designer I was asked to create a logo and build out hang tags, joker tags, and care labels.

I was given direction that the target audience was teenagers and that the logo should be appealing to them. After doing research on competing brands, I opted to create a logo with familiar themes to the demographic. Choosing typography was an interesting exercise because of the name of the brand. I wanted something to carry the theme through copy only pieces like a care label and found Dock from a foundry email blast.

Continuing the nautical theme, I created a wave pattern to use on the pants tags. Because I wanted the shirt tags to stand out from the pants, I kept the shirt tag clean with a burst of color meant to remind the consumer of ocean life. The small color swatch is inspired by a clownfish.

Because of this project, I have not ruined my clothes in the wash: I now know what all of the care labels actually stand for.

Project Type
Branding & Identity, Creative Direction, Print Design