Remedy Mural

Remedy had moved into a new office and needed some art to say the space was ours. We also needed to solidify our culture.

This project was super fun, as it was at the beginning of rebranding research. We wanted something that was in line with the old brand but was an expression in creativity to let the company and our partners know that a new look was coming.

We conducted research by asking different teams what they expected to see in a mural. Then we invited the UI/UX team to ideate with us. When we had 10 concepts, we split the production up between the CD, myself, our production team, and our UI/UX team.  We wanted to take this opportunity to break down silos around us, and to encourage new viewpoints and ideas.

This piece is not one of my brainstormed concepts, but it is my realization and production. Once we pitched the top three, Our c-suite decided to go with this decision. I was responsible for creating this in real size, finding a vendor, and making sure the installation went smoothly.

Credit for the video goes to our Sr. Motion Designer, Jaime Herrera.

Project Type
Branding & Identity, Creative Direction, Environmental, Print Design