Financial Trading: App Settings Redesign

This project was the result of a design exercise, and as such has its logo removed.

I was asked to overhaul a settings page for a financial trading app. Because this was an exercise, I did not have any actual user data, and could only use best-practices and intuition. The original settings page was convoluted and confusing. While options seemed to be categorized correctly, it was displayed in an easy to understand way. Sections that were toggled off were still displaying information, and there was not good visual focus as to what was important and what was secondary. There was also a section at the top that showed what was on and off notification wise, which I felt was redundant.

I gave the typography a hierarchy to help distinguish what was primary and secondary information. The sliders were given a visual update to clearly communicate what number a user was choosing. I originally thought about text inputs but decided against it in the end because I wanted the user to feel the sense of range they were choosing. The toggle is meant to snap to each tick for ease dragging to the right, but be arbitrary dragging to the left.

Finally, sections that not wanted are toggled off and collapse into themselves until active. This provides a cleaner interface that shows the user what they want, and not what they don’t.