When a church I had attended as a child needed to brand an outreach campaign, I offered my services up pro bono.

I sat down with the associate pastor and his wife to get a sense of their needs and goals. For starters, the comma in this logo was a request. The First United Church of Christ (FUCC) members use a tagline: “God is still speaking,” with the comma emphasizing that there is more to come. The next request was that this was the church’s 375 year of operation and they were proud of that fact. Armed with my research, I got to work.

Because the FUCC churches derived from the Puritan sect, many of these churches had 17-century architecture. I wanted to play with the past and the present in the creation of this logo and was able to create a historical yet modern representation of this church, with a comma and a prominent 375. While I had originally played with this logo entirely in Garamond Pro, the numbers needed a punch and the addition of the red for the comma and the letters helped make this logo stand on its own.

Branding & Identity, Creative Direction, Print Design