“Get Ready for BPCI” Campaign

I was met with an interesting challenge: drive traffic to signup for a webinar that had no date.

Remedy wanted to be prepared for an announcement that could change how our partners did business with us. The catch was that we did not know when the announcement would take place, but wanted to have users ready to go for a webinar explaining the changes soon after the announcement was made. We started small with some PPCs and some adwords, then moved into banner ads placed on the Harvard Business Review and other healthcare driven content spaces.

We needed to build an experience for a user that would result in a high webinar attendance, without all of the information that would be expected. This meant creating strong workflows to deliver content to raise engagement and hitting sign-up goals, but also shipping content to keep users interested and not annoyed as we waited for the announcement. Using HubSpot, we built landing pages for our partners and for non-partner-but-interested parties. We also created email workflows based on completion of signup, where those sign-ups came from, and how they responded to our first email blasts.

We decided on video content to encourage interest once blasts were sent but a user didn’t complete signup. We also had different video content if a user converted and signed up to retain their interest. We also curated our other content types meant to align with intriguing specific user groups and coaxing them to signup for our newsletter.

We converted 16,000 contacts into 1100 signups, and around 900 attended the webinars.

Project Type
Campaigns, Creative Direction, Interactive Design