Jardiance Cardiologist Messaging Banners

One of the reasons I was hired at Boehringer Ingelheim was for my coding background. BI had a need for cutting turnaround time on projects, especially animated banner ads. With the agency, a project could take more than a month. For me, it took a week. However, the banner ad requests were for HTML5 animated banners, which involved javascript.

Not only that, the marketers on the Jardiance brand were trying to target a brand new HCP audience to share information about Jardiance. After running some exercises, we decided that banner ads were, in fact, the way to go.

The Role of the Cardiologist was a campaign I was able to learn a lot on. I wrote javascript by hand to start and stop CSS3 eased in animations and created SVG objects to keep filesize below the max sign for deployment. I also successfully pushed to have a static version for mobile. Having multiple click outs on a 50px high object was not something I felt was in mobile users’ best interest. When we AB tested the ads, it turns out my instinct was correct.

Finally, this was one of my most successful campaigns. When released, we saw an uptick of engagement by 14%, compared to the single digital gains we had seen in the past.

Project Type
Campaigns, Creative Direction, Front-end Development, Interactive Design