myAgios Portal

Agios is an Oncology R&D company that is doing incredible things in the industry. At Entrée Health, I was the lead designer on this brand. I worked on the HCP branding for the drug offering and we were asked to build a patient and HCP portal for information called myAgios.

I had to learn about an entire industry, both from a patient and HCP perspective. Then I needed to learn the science behind the drug in question, or else how could I design and iterate to meet Agios’ needs?

When giving direction for the logo, I was drawn to the approach Agios took to targeting cancer cells. I was also drawn to the idea that myAgios was for patients and HCP alike, two pathways to guide care to the intended recipient. Once the logo was created, it was clear that in order to build the brand the ideas of pathways and containment would need to be carried through.

Containment is evident in the headers of print documents. It is apparent in the housing of the icons and of the hero of a webpage. It is evident in the lifestyle photography chosen for the brand, where characters are shown to be engaged with each other and committed to their lives. It is apparent in the typeface choice; Museo Sans is a sturdy font that can stand on its own.

While I was not able to complete direction on this project, I feel that good work was put into the pieces that I am showing here. I am excited that I got to be a part of the myAgios brand, and look forward to seeing where the company goes from here.

Project Type
Branding & Identity, Creative Direction, Interactive Design, Print Design