Notecards. Personal and always appreciated.

Remedy was in the midst of rebranding research, and our CEO asked us to create notecards so she could send personal messages to our partners. The challenge was to create something that would stand up to where we thought the brand would go, but would not be so outside the current Remedy brand that the cards looked out of place.

I first started playing in the proposed color scheme, but it felt too harsh and unexpected. I backtracked towards the original brand colors, and started to play with more organic shapes instead of the sharper angles of the current brand. The shape I finalized was inspired by the twists and turns in heart valves.

Because we had extensively interviewed employees from c-suite to interns, our mission vision and values had been set in stone a month earlier. I decided to incorporate our values into the organic shape creative, as a way to introduce them and warm up to the rebranding.

Once pitched, produced and printed, the cards were a success, and several of our partners commented on how nice it was to receive a hand written note.

Project Type
Branding & Identity, Creative Direction, Print Design