Society of Hospitalist Medicine Event

The Society for Hospitalist Medicine invited us to show at their annual event, and when we agreed to do so we were short on time. We were also not going to be able to see the location, and so some creative paper model making was going to be required.

This project called for a slogan, a booth, a location card, a flyer to entice visitors into leaving their business cards, and an update to some one-sheets.

Of course, we also needed a theme. I came up with this concept to illustrate the quick pace of healthcare changes within our niche market. The slogan was written by our content manager, and fit nicely within the spacing allotted for panels on the booth. The booth also included a TV screen so we could run our four takeaways on a loop for the duration of the show.

This was a fun exercise in vendor relations as we were behind when I started conceptualizing, never mind the production. I am happy to say that we completed the project ahead of schedule and that the event went smoothly and successfully.

Project Type
Branding & Identity, Campaigns, Creative Direction, Environmental, Print Design