Renée Tessier Nunley's Portfolio | VIM Puma Banner Ads
Welcome to the portfolio of Renée Tessier Nunley, an Art Director and Interactive Designer.
Renée Tessier Nunley, portfolio, interactive design, ui/ux, art director, print design, web design, greater NY area, Southern CT, remote, graphic designer
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VIM Puma Banner Ads

When VIM achieved an agreement with Puma, I was given directive to create some concepts for advertising the brand to place on the website. I opted for one concept showing the classic pumas, which we were told would be best sellers. The next concept was active lifestyle, to attract the sporty demographic I had been instructed to sell to for the month.

I AB tested the ads and we fullfilled more orders with the lifestyle ad. Based on this information, we built a campaign around running, and offered puma shoes paired with athletic shorts and proprietary branded running shirts.

The campaign was a huge success, boosting our online sales by 10% and our puma sales by 22%.

Branding & Identity, Creative Direction, Interactive Design