Certegy needed a website that explained all the different touchpoints of their products and how they were applicable to different industries. This website had to be a love letter to SEO to be considered successful.
Art Director, Product/UX/UI Designer
3 months

One of the biggest requirements to Certegy's site redesign was that different industries (retail, online gaming, etc) be able to find Certegy when looking for payment solutions. One of my biggest challenges was to understand the very nuanced financial products Certegy offered, so that I knew I was making the right decisions. And one of the most fun parts of this project was creating the custom illustrations featured across the site.

This site required decisions made across device widths – it was not enough to simply tell our developer parter to ease in components and stack for tablet and below. Each page was thought through from a 414 width up to ensure a seamless experience for all users.

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