Landec Annual & ESG Reports

Concept creation for two reports. My concept inspiration was drawn from Landec's very retro logo.
Collateral: Annual Report and ESG Report
Landec (now Lifesource)
Art Director
3 months

Landec needed an annual report wrapper and an ESG separate report, and looking at the curves in the Landec L was enough to move me in the right direction for concepting these pieces. Landec had been in business for over 35 years and had specific goal of making themselves profitable to shareholders. They had two sides to the business: Curation Foods and Lifecore Biomedical, which required a very specific story to be told.

Also, there was no budget for photography.

Bold graphics were called for, so I got to work making a system that wouldn't distract from the financials but would illustrate the projects' key points. I enjoyed strategically thinking through each page's message and how best to amplify that. I also enjoyed continuing this concept through the ESG report, and through the year after on the next annual report.

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