Agrofresh Annual Report

A chance to showcase really creative messaging for an agricultural company.
Annual Report
Art Director
3 months
The Challenge

Agrofresh needed to tell their story in a "fresh" way. They also wanted to focus on logistics, which was a big differentiator from their competitors.

The Details

I arrived at the idea of showing steps of the journey of the fruit as it travelled to the consumer. Since logistics was the focus, I wanted to display the different steps of the produce journey with the end of the report showing the satisfied consumer.

The split images with the fruit being center as it travelled to arrive in a consumer's hand were so fun to create, once I was able to source them. This report was created during covid, and photoshoots were not happening yet. I had to make sure my lighting matched from journey image to consumer image to make the art believable, and there was a lot of photoshopping required, but going the extra mile on these images made the story very easy to tell.

On spreads with stats I opted to let the numbers do the talking and used closeups of fruit, utilizing an overlap into the content page to continue the concept through.

The Validation

The project was successful, and we had a very happy client.

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