Carlisle Investor Day Presentation

IR content "wrapped" in a sleek concept that nods to what Carlisle does.
Investor Day Presentation
Art Director
3 weeks
The Challenge

Build an Investor Day presentation for Carlisle. These projects are very particular, both in content and look and feel because they are presented directly to investors. The reception of this content and what it can do to the stock price means the stakes are very high.

The Details

Attention to detail is a must, as well as being ready for edits right up to the day of the event if messaging needs to be slightly tweaked.

Although construction is not an industry that I often design for, I knew who Carlisle was because my husband sells roofing materials. I asked him some pointed questions before starting to concept to make sure my ideas were in the right direction. If I have a way to build a better understanding of my client, I will always take it.

Carlisle's products, to keep it simple, wrap projects before they are finished for protection from the elements, and remain inside projects as insulation. The idea of enveloping also evokes a feeling of comfort, which I felt was a good message to send to investors. I came up with the idea of using floods of color wrapped over imagery, and knocking out key elements to be able to see through the layers. For heavier content slides, I wanted a full Carlisle blue flood to continue the concept of enveloping, without detracting from the messages.  

The Validation

The event was a success, and the deck is available for investors here.

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