Pushing the brand a little further each year. One of my favorite returning clients.
Annual Report
Jamieson Wellness
Art Director
4 months

When you have a repeat client, it can be difficult to tell new stories. Not so for Jamieson Wellness, who really appreciated our pushing the envelope each time we built a report for them. My favorite one I did for them was in 2022, which also celebrated their 100th year as a company.

The Challenge

Build the 4th iteration of an Annual Report for Jamieson, staying within brand guides while making fresh creative.

The Details

Jamison's story has always been the journey: a journey for better health of their customers, a journey to expanding to new markets, etc. This year, it was the total journey the company itself was on, for 100 years and more. I needed to create a badge for the occasion, and pulled in the diagonals found in their logomark to make it interesting. This launched my idea with the diagonal overlays at differing opacities, which launched my idea of a frame for my spreads. The story felt right when I got the idea to take a small object found in the background of my main image and use that to create an overlapping background to let my main subjects shine.  

The other fun thing about Jamieson projects are creating the lifestyle shots. This was another instance of needing directed photography when photoshoots were not as much of a thing, so my photoshop skills were much needed.

The Validation

My Jamieson stakeholders loved their report. On release day the stock price closed a dollar up from the day before, which of course is entirely due to the fine creative with no other possible correlation.

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