Concept creation for four reports. My concept inspiration was drawn from Landec's very retro logo.
Campaign: Curation Foods Glow Up
Art Director
Three Months

Landec had been in business for over 35 years and needed to prove they were still profitable to shareholders. There were two business verticals – Curation Foods and Lifecore Biomedical. Landec required a very specific story to be told.

The Case Study.

The Ask:

Create a two-part collateral release: an annual report and an ESG report. Then do it again next year.

The Pain Point:

I needed a concept that would thread through two pieces, and also there was no budget for photography – neither shot nor stock.

The Ideation:

The only thing left was heavy illustration. I played with some flat illustrations of fruit, and I had another concept that involved thin strokes with ellipses knocking out chunks of organic shapes, but they both felt forced and had the wrong tone. Then, inspiration struck. I was looking at the curves in the Landec logo and it dawned on me how retro the logo actually was. What better way to tell a story of a 35-year-old company than to visually remind investors how long they had been successful for? Especially when I could use these lines to show how two companies come together to form the one parent.

The Iteration:

Bold graphics were called for, so I got to work making a system that could illustrate the project's key points without distracting from the financials. It was imperative to really understand the financial points for each section so that I could create imagery that could illustrate it. The most important idea was the interconnectivity – whether it was the Landec colors or the Curation magenta with the Lifecore Blue to tell the story of one united company relying on both sides of the business.

The Validation:

Once the first Annual Report was signed off on, I needed to continue the concept through a sustainability report. I was pleased to realize that I had gained a repeat client when I was asked to build the following year's Annual Report and ESG report also.

The Report Family

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