Designing for the finance side of my favorite industry – The Music Scene.
Key Messenging Banners
Live Nation
Art Director
1 week

If you've been to a concert, you probably know who Live Nation is. When we were approached to create banners to illustrate the key points in a quarterly finance update, I confidently took the project on.

The Challenge

Create visually heavy graphics for banners to illustrate a quarterly finance update.

The Details

One of the nicest things about Live Nation is their asset library. All images seen are from Live Nation shows. One of the not-as-nice things was how heavy the content was in these banners. My Creative Director and I worked hard to get Live Nation's messaging into digestible chunks, without losing the points they needed us to hit. We also needed to give several concepts with very quick turnaround to ensure an approval. I include this project to demonstrate my ability to concept more than one polished idea for a project with very tight turnarounds, and to showcase some data vis and iconography.

The Validation

The project was approved an hour before it was slated to go live on the website, and I went to bed early that evening.

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