Remedy Compliance Posters

How many times do you have an opportunity to make compliance fun?
Remedy Partners (now Signify Health)
Art Director
2 weeks

Remedy was moving from a start up to a public-facing company, and wanted to make sure a compliance policy was both in place and well-communicated to its employees. Compliance is an idea that should always be practiced, but ratting out your coworkers isn’t something anyone wants to do. The problem was not really “How can we encourage compliance”, but rather, “How can we make compliance something positive instead of something negative in office culture, and what’s the best medium to do so?”

The Challenge

Communicate key points of the official compliance policy to employees in an interesting way.

The Details

After a Lightning Talk by a few members from the compliance team, our design team kicked off a How Might We exercise to figure out how to move forward. While the idea of quarterly email blasts was bandied about by the team, I wasn’t sure this was a solution. For starters, Remedy enjoyed a high open rate on internal emails, but an extremely low click rate. I wasn’t sure the emails were being interacted with past a subject scan to make sure the CEO wasn't sending a message. We discussed pamphlets, but it seemed illogical that employees would grab pamphlets from the front desk next to materials meant for visitors. Also, we didn’t want a visitor picking up one by mistake.

Posters were the obvious choice after finalizing our research. It was agreed to change them out every quarter and to hang them in the employee kitchens next to the company awards.

I started thinking about we could strip away the employee fear of the compliance department when inspiration struck – I would use multiplied layers of strips over imagery to break apart boundaries. I pulled in my content manager to discuss headlines, and when we had our copy I started searching for corresponding imagery.

I sent the finalized art to the printer, and we hung the posters over the weekend.

The Validation

Within two weeks, the director of compliance informed me that the department was seeing interest instead of wariness from employees.

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