Creating a seamless print and digital event experience for the attendees of the Remedy Partners' National Collaborative.
Event Experience
Remedy Partners (now Signify Health)
Art Director, Strategist
3 months

While working at Remedy, I had the opportunity to run creative on a national event for our partners. Email invites, landing pages, booklets, posters, room set up/branding and swag all needed decisions.

The Challenge

Ideate and produce full event creative.

The Details

My Creative Director and I created mood boards to decide upon the general tone and feel of the event and then went looking for real-life examples to lock it down. Remedy Partners' mission is to improve healthcare, so we felt that movement and transition were good places to start for inspiration.

Once I hit upon the spiral to convey the concept, I started to build the system. Using techniques learned from pattern building and design systems with my UI/UX team, I started to create the space that the creative would live in. I had three months from start until the last piece needed to be shipped to the event space, so I built a timeline to determine what needed to be completed when.

Most important to me was to incorporate the sense of play happening in these pieces. The movement of the spiral became something entirely new when paired with different color schemes.

About halfway through the project, we were told that there would be a third-party app to go along with the event. While there was not enough time to suggest building it ourselves, I was able to incorporate pieces of the creative decision into the app imagery.

We were able to visit the space, which helped inform what sort of collateral I would use to change the space from an empty hotel ballroom to a national event. Discussions with the lighting and AV managers on location were especially helpful.

The Validation

The event was a success. Partners felt appreciated and cared for while getting to experience the thrill of being on the ride that is Remedy. It isn’t easy changing healthcare or designing modern pieces for healthcare companies, but the challenge is what always keeps design interesting.

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